Facts to Know About Gambling

Gambling is supposed to be an illegal act in some countries but at the same time, many countries are open to gamblers all the time. How amazing it is to know that the same thing is banned in some country and some country gets a huge revenue from it.

In this article we would know some amazing facts about gambling, so let’s start.

#1 Gambling for charity

Have you ever thought about doing charity with the money brought by gambling? It happened in real with not any person but with a country. Finland is a country where gov collects a huge revenue from gambling and spends it all in charity.

#2 Quick win huge but all lost

Can you ever believe that someone with just $50 would win million dollars, but it is true? A man named Archie karas went to Las Vegas the capital of casinos with that $50 in with him. Soon after that, he won there millions of dollars but what the misfortune of him was that he lost all the many just in the next few weeks.

#3 The more you walk, The more you win

There was a sport in the 1800 century which was famous all over the world at that time. In that sport, the player had to walk a longer distance almost 1000 miles in a thousand hours. This game used to attract a lot of crowd and gamblers at that time.

#4 Man got breast

Some people are so crazy that just for winning a bet they can do anything they are asked to do. A man named Brain Zembic did the same thing once. He was the person who was very popular among others to do anything to win the bet. Once he was said to get the breast implanted in his chest and keep it for a year. He agreed with it and won this bet successfully.

#5 Superstitious chines rollers

Gambling is all about luck and skill in some cases but strange it is when someone relates to gambling with superstition. The very famous MGM Grand casino of Las Vegas once had to configure its entrance as the entrance was in the form of a large golden lion and Chinese rollers were thinking that walking through a lion is unlucky for them before gambling.

There are many facts still to be known about gambling but these were very interesting facts about gambling. Hope you liked it.

By Archie

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