Here are the things I wish I knew when I was a younger poker player

younger poker player

Check out some of the tricks for 99online poker game you could have told your younger player version. If I could turn back in times, these would be my tips for being a better player.

It’s easy to talk about poker tips and strategies when you are a pro or at least an intermediate player. When you are a beginner, though, it’s not easy to listen at all. Although you are a novice in the field, you feel like the adrenaline makes you deaf and all you hear is your high motivation shouting at your ears while you are playing the game whether at a ground-based casino table or 99online.

But wouldn’t it just be amazing if we could go back in times and scream in our younger Me some tips we know today as experienced poker enthusiasts? Of course, it would. What would you tell yourself back in those times? What would you recommend your younger poker player version? I know what I would tell that novice in the field of online poker, including the following things:

  • Poker needs research in advance. By all means, the most important thing is to research the concrete format terms and conditions, but this is what most of the decent players do. What I didn’t do back in those beginning times is to research the casino platforms before I make an account in them.
  • Passion is power you don’t have to give up from. Some beginners are afraid of poker passion mainly because they think it will tell on them and on their hands. However, to my today’s version of a poker player passion is something completely else. It’s playing in a long-term goal orientation, but with extreme attention to the small wins.
  • Time management is a huge part of the poker progress. When I was a young player I played at any free minute I found for some poker. And now I realize how negative that was. Instead of that, right now I am thinking how better it is to find time for a pause to make the knowledge settles in my mind, as well as to take a deep breath from poker for a day after a huge loss I experience.
  • Poker players are not my enemies. They are my opponents at the poker table, but they could be my fellows, too. And such a friendship could be a blessing. Today, 10 years after my first trial in online poker I have a couple of friends from my internet poker experience, but to tell you the truth, if I could have realized how useful and helpful they are for me I would start making friendships earlier, so they could be more.

Tell these lessons to yourself if you are still in the beginning of your poker activity. They will definitely help you a lot.

By Archie

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