Keeping notes about your online poker activity

online poker activity

Always try to record your poker activity since daftar pokerlounge99. Check out why poker notes are so beneficial for your game style.

There are plenty of life hacks you can use to improve your poker activity. As a matter of fact, advancing in your playing skills is not the only requirement to record more and more wins. Sometimes, small things like keeping notes about your activity can be a big deal in your advance. Speaking of which…

Should I really keep a record on my online poker activity?

By all means, you should. It’s not a recommendation or a tip you can pass. Actually, it’s kind of on mandatory for everyone, who has been taking poker seriously since the first active day or the first enthusiastic daftar pokerlounge99. Keeping a record of your poker activity is something that a lot of poker gurus don’t just recommend, but practice even today and despite of the fact they are experienced and expert.

What are the benefits of taking notes about poker activity in the internet?

You will take lots of benefits of starting taking notes about your poker activity even if you haven’t done it before. It’s better late than never.

  • You can track your biggest mistakes in poker. It’s easy to see that when a certain action always leads to a loss, it means you need to break up with it.
  • You can determine the best practices of your playing style. We all have doubts, including when registering a series of wins. In poker, certainty and self-confidence though are very necessary. Until you assure that a certain poker tactic is winning you should avoid implement it regularly, including in the toughest moments.
  • You can make changes in your bankroll system reasonably. Everyone would eventually want to increase the monthly playing budget. However, the idea of the limits is to protect you from huge financial mistakes. The risk should be taken only when it’s worth it or when you can afford it. The poker notes will show you in numbers when the moment for a reasonable risk, has come.
  • You can inspire and find sources for new ideas. Of course, it’s great to improvise, but it’s kind of risky to do so while being on the last stage of an intriguing poker tournament. Instead, have your notes to make new suggestions for poker strategies.

Keeping notes about your online poker activity – interesting tips

Last, but not least, please, give us the honor to offer you a couple of modern and amazing tricks to take poker playing notes like a real pro:

  • About 90% of the poker websites offer the function to show your poker history. Don’t reconcile with it. Instead, use it for a base and add notes about your suggestions and doubts upon your previous actions.
  • There are specially tailored programs and software products you can find in the web and install to have real time graphics and cool diagrams of your mistakes, best practices, rates and etc.
  • Consider having an ordinary set of a notebook and a pen next to you while playing poker. Write down every idea that comes to your mind during the game – instead of trying it in real time and risk it all – not to lose it.

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