The most popular misconceptions lots of players still believe in

most popular misconceptions

Meet the biggest pokerkiukiu misconceptions right away. See some bad things about poker playing that even some pros still rely on.

It turned out that a lot of poker players, who claim to be informed about anything about the card game and gambling in general, tend to believe in myths and lies. These players are not on mandatory you or your buddies you have just met in a ground casino or a cool modern and reliable online poker platform such as pokerkiukiu. These guys are particularly the majority of the poker audience nowadays.

If you think why we are saying all of these things, no, it’s not to scare or to blame you for something. The truth is that internet does not come only with benefits. It has its negative sides, too. One of these cons, for instance, is that internet is the healthiest environment for misconceptions not only to spread fast, but to remain alive for years.

And don’t even try to hope that poker players are too smart not to bite such a lie. We are all in danger to consume information without checking it out. Do you remember the last time you were told a betting house was amazing and you registered there due to the recommendation, but then lost more than a day in a place that has no qualitative services? What about the promises about the best bonuses for poker? Or about the upcoming tournaments in Omaha poker rooms where you actually never receive a vacant seat?

As you can see, there’s always a risk to bite it. And the next poker misconceptions, by the way, prove us all that none poker is insured against myths and wrong understandings about the game. Because these misconceptions seems to be still alive and lots of players believe in them.

In case you X, then you definitely should Y

This conception refers to cases in poker like these: if call pre-flop, then you should definitely then, call on that flop on mandatory or if you have already called that flop, then, later on mandatory, you should call on a blank turn. In all cases, this contrary and opposite approach has its application in some, but only in some poker situations. The thing is that the conception should be in most cases avoided.

The results you have once in a while will eventually form your long-term activity

Let’s translate it for you: if you win today and tomorrow and probably, the day after tomorrow, it means you are totally ready to change your average stake amount or even to establish higher budget limits per month and the entire year. The results in poker are indeed somehow related with every small action you make or thing that happens to you in a single poker game. However, the long-term activity depends on something you can never influence on – it’s your opponent’s hand!

Only newbies in the field require long-lasting and decent poker education

A recent study has shown that about 30% of the poker gurus from all over the world are still subscribed to receive news and materials from regular and even less popular gambling blogs. There are every poker pros that meet together to discuss with each other new techniques and mistakes they have done through a certain period of time. Do you still think you have nothing else to learn about poker?

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