Top myths about online poker

about online poker

Find out the worst and most believed myths about qiuqiu99 and poker games. Check out our way to debunk the most popular lies about the most popular casino games of all times.

Playing poker in the internet is super easy. Everybody knows how to open an account in a casino website and then find the poker section to search for a vacant place at a poker table. However, although we receive a lot of information – useful and in brief – about the top specifications regarding internet gambling activities, there are still a couple of online poker myths most of you believe in. Today, we are about to disclose, respectively debunk a lot of them:

  1. The more tables you are sitting at, the more profitably the poker day will end. According to some players playing at several tables increases the percentage of the final income on a daily basis. Indeed, if you are an experienced player, who has a working and efficient strategy, by playing more poker games you will get more profits. But the fact that you are sitting on more poker tables doesn’t actually double your win at all.
  2. If you are behind with a hand or two, it’s not ok to call for an all-in action in poker. Actually, all in is indeed a specific action only the best players know how to use in the best way. Hence, if you are a hand behind in the poker game, there’s no problem to play all in if your hand can afford such an action.
  3. The tighter you are the better. On the other side, there’s also a big myth that the loose gamers are among the best poker gurus nowadays. Both statements, though, are not even proven with specific facts, numbers or statistics. And we definitely don’t know why so many people claim that being tight is better in poker game.
  4. Qiuqiu99 and domino poker are not poker games. They are poker games. They are just different formats of the general poker game we know. But if we claim that qiuqiu99 is not a poker game, how come then Omaha poker is? Moreover, there are even people who try to convince us that video poker is not a poker type. Indeed, it’s more similar to slot machines, but, still this is poker, guys.
  5. The online live chat in the poker rooms is pointless. If you know lots of languages, actually, it’s a great opportunity to look inside your opponents’ minds through the live chats. The thing is that a lot of punters cooperate and play in teams within different poker formats. To hide this cooperation from the rest players, they simply communicate in the live chat via foreign languages almost anyone doesn’t know.

Please, do not believe in these myths anymore. As you can see, they are nothing, but the real truth about online poker.

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